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Luxury Cruises SINGLE/SOLO Seabourn

What to Wear On Seabourn

Seabourn is Elegant

Luxury Cruises SINGLE/SOLO Luxury Cruises SINGLE/SOLO

Luxury Cruises SINGLE/SOLO what to wear on seabournDinner on a Formal Night--Tuxedo or dark suit for men; evening gown or other formal attire for women.Dinner on a Casual Night -- Slacks, usually with a jacket over a sweater or shirt for men; skirts, pants, or sundresses, with jacket, sweater or blouse for women.

Luxury Cruises SINGLE/SOLO seabourn is elegant

Daytime Attire

Attire on Shore

Daytime AttireOn all Seabourn cruises the general shipboard atmosphere is elegant, but relaxed. Elegant casual wear is appropriate for the dining room, while shorts and other casual attire are welcome in the cafe during breakfast and lunch. Swimsuits, brief shorts, exercise clothing and cover-ups should be reserved for poolside lounging, water sports, deck activities, and the fitness center or spa.Attire on Shorelayering yours clothes will work best. For tropical cruises, bring light loose-fitting garments that can be paired with a lightweight jacket or sweater. for cooler seasons or climates, pack extra layers of warmer garments such as a light topcoat and some sweaters. In conservative cultures, men and women should not wear shorts, and women should wear dresses or skirts and covered shoulders when visiting shrines, churches or temples. If your cruise takes you to Monte Carlo, casino dress codes require a jacket and tie for men.

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